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WOMCHILD Parenting Question of the week.

What factors would you consider as parents or would-be parents or guardians before choosing a school for a child?

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  1. very insightful….interesting read.

  2. 1. Brand name
    2. Quality of students who pass through the school
    3. Safety and security of students
    4. School environment
    5. Extra curricular activities conducted
    6. Proximity and convenience
    7. Passionate teachers and staff

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  3. The following factors shall be held in high esteem,when considering searching for a school for a kid. 1, Income status ,2, location. 3, Security systems in the school.,4, Beliefs system of the school.(Islamic or Christian orientations) 5, Accreditation of the school,whether by recognize bodies.

  4. KWEKU

    What is your thought on this question, should all women or mothers, irrespective of being bad mothers or women, be celebrated, on the mere knowledge that she is a woman or mother, so she must be celebrated?

    • YES all mothers should be celebrated because they are mothers. In my opinion a mother should be celebrated because she carried a child, delivered and catered for that child. Her honor, position and authority as a mother cannot be taken away from her. I strongly state so based on what the Bible says in Ephesians 6:1-2. Children are admonished to HONOUR their MOTHERS & FATHERS so that it will be well with them & that they will live long on earth, it is in fact a commandment with a promise from. If you want to live long and do well in life let’s do what the Bible commands us.

      Again in Romans 13:7 clearly admonishes us to give HONOUR and respect to whom it is due. Regardless of how a mother has been her HONOUR as a mother should be given her. The ultimate person to judge her action is the ALMIGHTY GOD refers to James 4:12; Psalm 75:7.

      A mother is the one who gives life to a child, raises the child and accepts the burdens, responsibilities and endures the difficulties involved in nurturing a child. Mothers easily commit their entire lives to work hard to give their children better lives. A mother would share in the joy, successes and equally the pains and disappointment of their children. Often times some mothers sacrifice their dreams or careers for the welfare of raising a child and all of these are done based on the LOVE for their children.

      Should Women be celebrated? Again in my opinion those that have had positive and progressive influence and inspiration in their society, community or family should be celebrated and not just any woman at all. A woman who has impacted positively in the lives of her family, friends, community, society or a nation can be honored and celebrated and NOT just any woman. From Ezekiel 16:38 the bible states “38 And I will judge you as women who commit adultery and shed blood are judged, and bring upon you the blood of wrath and jealousy”. From this I understand not all women should be celebrated as some may not be good examples in a society. However all mothers must be honored because God Has commanded in His Word that we do so, in my opinion.