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I will be sharing parenting tips which are essential for all parents and would-be parents. Good parenting is important because it helps to achieve the following:

  • High moral values – ensures that children grow up with good morals and honesty.
  • Self-confidence – instills confidence in children knowing they can grow up and achieve greatness.
  • Family Corporation – Children corporates as parents listen to them and therefore vice versa, facilitating good communication too.
  • Happiness and Cheerfulness – Happy kids contributes to a happy home. (Read my article on YEARS FLY QUICKLY MAKE LASTING MEMORIES WITH KIDS) Children with high morality and self-confidence are likely to have cheerful countenance.
  • Motivation – Parents are able inspire and instill confidence in their children thereby motivating them.

Good Parenting also protects children from bad behaviors and curbs;

  • Fear or Anxiety
  • Drug Abuse
  • Stubbornness

1. Spending Quality Time – The first parenting tip is spending quality time with your children. This is needed because kids grow up quickly before you know it. Spending quality time facilitates family bonding; because parents and their children spend more time communicating, hence knowing and understanding themselves. Through such communications and interactions parents are able to influence and control their children thus instilling the appropriate moral values in their children. Read my article on “YEARS FLY QUICKLY MAKE LASTING MEMORIES WITH KIDS” to note some of the ways we can spend quality time with kids.

Author’s Experience

As a parent and a working mum I spend quality time with my child each day. I do my best to get home on time, feed dinner, bath and put my child to sleep. Honestly it can be difficult at times so I get my mum to help, bless her. On weekends my husband and I take our child to his friend’s or playground to keep him excited whiles bonding with him at the same time. As often as we can, we go for shopping together as a family. We combine all these with our own activities as parents, but where necessary we seek family assistance. I believe as parents, we should never sideline kids because of our busy schedules. We should spend quality times that bring lasting memories to our children and ourselves.

I invite parents and guardians to share how they spend quality time with their children so other parents can take note and emulate where possible.

“Be kind to a woman and a child today”……



1. Spending Quality Time

Author’s Experience

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  1. Good point! We parents need to make a conscious effort to spend time together as a family for these reasons stated above and more. Besides it is even stress relieving to play around with a child after a long day at work. In my family, we do little things like playing football, swimming, watching our kids draw/paint taking walks, listening to them read, etc. My favourite time with them though is when we play silly games like ‘ring around the roses’ or just chase them around like I am some monster!! It is so much fun and for a brief moment, I forget all office troubles while we just laugh away.