I believe in promoting the cause of Women and Children in the Society. The Nurturing and Development of our Children (Future Leaders) are paramount and very well linked to the Future advancement of a nation. More so the women who carry and nurture them must be given the support and assistance needed during Pregnancy, child-birth, child care, at the workplace, at home, just to mention but a few. I also believe in the importance of building lasting relationships at home, work, and family among others. The genesis of all these associations is the one that exist among couples getting ready to marry or married. My relationship blog is about the expression of views on relationships before and after marriage. The continuous existing of relationships depends on the coherent and harmonious living of couples and the kind of impact they have on their children which eventually affect the society at large. Visit my blog on www.coupleclick.net to read my articles on issues concerning relationships. Kindly send all email requests to info@womchild.com. Thanks for visiting WOMCHILD site, “Be Kind to a Woman & a Child Today.”


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  1. Nice piece

  2. Kwame Essel

    I think if a child is poorly cared for they seek advice from their peers .This may be negative or positive in the sharping of their lives.

  3. I absolutely agree to your comment. That is why parents must ensure their children get proper care at home, school or wherever they are….thanks for your comment…your views are welcome

  4. Gud one!

  5. Lawrencia

    Very good initiative.

  6. Am very proud of you. Wonderful piece.

  7. Lucienne Donkor

    Oh this is good. Looking forward to reading more. Just to add a bit. I also think that parents should work more on bonding with their children, it makes it easier for the child to open up to them about anything and they can in turn give suitable guidance and advice

    • Very true bonding with kids is very important. thanks for sharing your thoughts.