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Most parents have the best of intentions for their children. No parents will intentionally or purposefully decide to hurt or cause harm to their kids. It is the desire of every parents or guardians alike to see children thrive, grow healthy and in confidence to face the world around them. However, life pressures have a way of influencing a person’s actions either consciously or otherwise. This is the reason why parents and guardians equally, should put in their best efforts and work hard to ensure that their actions and conducts rather support their kids and not cause havoc instead.

Responding is when you speak in a calm and cool manner to ensure that, the one being communicated to, understands and accepts an instruction, a correction, a message or an advise. Reacting on the other hand, involves a quick, sometimes a harsh or even an angry manner of responding to an action, a behaviour or to a message.

How Do You Respond to Your Child?

It is without a doubt that sometimes the behaviours of children can be infuriating, which can give a parent or a guardian no other option but to react instead of responding in a manner best for their growth or learning. The question to answer is that as a parent ‘what do you do to quiet misunderstanding among your children or calm them after a misconduct?’ The below explanations are some of the ways parents can consider in dealing with their children to help respond in a better and in an effective way, rather than reacting which in most cases can affect them negatively.

  • Calm Yourself

Most at times as an individual is likely to react in anger than when he or she is calmer. It is therefore advisable that as parents though it can be difficult sometimes, it is in your best interest and that of your child to be cautious especially when you are around them.

  • Listen to the Child (Children)

Sometimes children react wrongly when they feel that they are being instructed all the time but their views are not heard by their parents or guardians.This is why it is important to listen to children, though it can be difficult sometimes especially when they are very young. But no matter their age listening and explaining situations or the right thing that is required of them helps to control their behaviour.

  • Carefully Select Your Words

 As parent it is important to carefully choose the words you use when you are with your children. Remember that children easily learn what they see as much as what they are told. For instance avoid using cursive or swearing words when handling your kids no matter how angry you are or how worse they behave.

  • Communicate Effectively

It is advisable that irrespective of the age of a child, it is better to effectively explain to children any instruction or any advice in the best possible way for them to understand and appreciate. Again, as parents it is essential to listen to children as much as we give them guidelines or directions, because communication is a two way process and more effective with feedback.

  • Assure the Child (Children)

One important thing every child needs and likes, is when they are made aware of a solid support system. This does not only give them the confidence required to help them thrive well but in addition, to provide for them an  atmosphere of trust. This is essential as they are able to freely express themselves to their parents or guardians so that they can get the needed advice or support anytime required.

Every now and then it will rather be easy to respond rather than react. At other times, it can be very challenging especially when you are feeling very tired or stressed from work or other issues. If you should have such a day it is important to give yourself a breathing space and calm down so that you can respond favorably. It is always important that you give yourself a moment to think through and decide before you react or respond as a parent or a guardian.








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