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Managing the day-to-day activities of the home like doing anything else in life, can be a tough task. Combining that with working as self-employed or working in an organisation can make life a bit complicated. The uniqueness in doing this as a woman, is especially when children are involved. Ideally the support of a husband, family or friends can be very helpful when the woman is a working mother.

However sometimes one may not have that support system working effectively as it should be. So the question is, how does a woman or a mother, manages the home with kids, whiles building herself up (in terms of career) at the same time.

The truth is there is no one formula that works for all. The woman has the responsibility to assess her situation and figure out the best strategy or course of action that would help to achieve your ambition in life. Some of the following strategies can be helpful.


Never stress About Any Situation – Do not stress about your situation before thinking about how to deal with it.  The moment you do so, you can be depressed and may eventually lose control. This is not healthy for you and especially when kids are involved. Children must be raised in an environment with positive mentality and so you the mother must always be strong in order to keep the home bubbly and happy at all times.


Communicate with Your Partner – Some people naturally would never ask for help until you ask them to do so. Do not assume that your partner would know when you need his assistance. Communication is important in every marriage and in parenting. As a results,  you should always engage and let him know when you need his support. The key thing to note here, is to ask politely and not commanding him. If you make your husband feel he is being told what to do, he may not respond to your requests. Remember every man would like to be respected. In addition, you should know when to ask for help and always be willing to support your husband too so that he would not have any excuse to support you when the need arises.


Accept Support from Family and Friends – There is nothing wrong with asking for help from family and friends when you need it, especially when they are ready to help. Remember you cannot do it all on your own. If your parents or friends can help you sometimes with your kids for instance, gladly accept it, there is nothing wrong with it, even if it is just for few hours.


Seek Advise from Professional Sources & Experience Mothers (Women) – No one person knows it all or has all the knowledge needed to undertake every venture in the world. That is why you should never feel bad or be shy of asking questions when there is the need to do so. You are better of asking several times and getting it right than not asking at all and make mistakes. Ask or read from professional sources on a particular situation or any difficulty you may be facing as a mother. Equally you can seek counsel from experienced and accomplished mothers, who have made it despite all the odds.

* YOU MUST BE HARDWORKING – Sometimes some women struggle with getting time off work because they are always giving excuses at work or are generally lazy. You must let your managers know that you have a family responsibility at home, despite being a hard working woman in the office. In case you are self-employed, equally your workers should know as well. Once you are responsible at work, no one can prevent you from attending to your family when the need be.

* KEEP A BALANCED LIFE – Life is not all about making money or achieving ones life’s ambition, but also spending quality and memorable times with those you love and care about. You should work hard but never neglect your home. Have a balanced life where you have time to rest, share quality time with family or friends and also the time to reflect on your life as well.




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