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It is a great blessing and an honor to have a father in life. The starring roles of fathers and the responsibilities they assume can never be underestimated; as fathers to their children (by birth or adoption), as husbands to their wives and as fearless ‘giants’ who are willing to take up risks and do their best for their families and in any venture they embark on. There are many qualities worth celebrating about great fathers including but not limited to the following.


A true father is always devoted in ensuring the progress of his children and the general well-being of his family. Over the years and as life progresses such fathers are willing to sacrifice for their children and families in order to ensure safety, security and success. The love they exhibit is seen in their willingness and selflessness to work hard in the face of successes, disappointments, tussles and life challenges.


No one can spur a father who is dedicated and zealous to genuinely sacrifice for his children and families. Such fathers are very keen and more than content to take up risks and make decisions that their beneficiaries may otherwise find mind-blowing. Conversely, with their exceptional roles as fathers, they are able to navigate through and always have ways of putting satiating smiles and delights on the faces of those who they are responsible for. Such fathers do not hold grudges against others when their special occasions such birthdays are not celebrated but they do their best to celebrate special moments with their families without failure or favour regardless of their busy schedules and tough responsibilities.


A true father is loyal, trustworthy, reliable and responsible. Fathers with these attributes are endowed with unlimited wisdom and have the courage to face the world no matter the challenge. Their children can rely on them during both great and tough seasons of their lives. The well-being, progress and protection of their families are of great priority. Such fathers are ‘real diamonds’ who will live no stone unturned to ensure that their dependents are well taken care of and have the best that life can give.

It is indeed great and worthwhile to celebrate fathers because of the extraordinary and rewarding roles they play in the lives of their families, communities and in the nation as a whole. Their influences are seen from generations to generations through the carrying of their names and legacies which are extremely important to the human race. I take this opportunity to celebrate our retired fathers and those who are now carrying the mantles to do their best and keep holding families together; as strong families are vital for the growth and prosperity of our communities which directly impact on the nation. A Happy father’s day to my dad Mr. S.K.O., to my lovely husband and to all the father figures in my life, I celebrate you all. God richly bless all fathers, continue to preserve and make you ‘ our generational pacesetters’ as you have specially been chosen and equipped to do so.




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