MOTHERS’ – The Jewels of Life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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MOTHERS’ – The Jewels of Life. Happy Mother’s Day!

It is always a blessing to celebrate mothers as they constitute the channels through which life starts. Mothers are very special and will forever hold special places in the hearts of children in particular and humanity in general. A mother’s love is not only needed after child birth but it is essential for the entire lives of their children. Their appreciation is in their selfless desire to carry and bring lives into the world and cater for them until their offspring become responsible adults. There are many obligations that great mothers execute, the following being a summary worth mentioning.

v Life Carriers/Parenting

The exceptional roles mothers shoulder in bringing lives into this world and continue as parents, are remarkable and worthy of praise. A mother will ensure the upkeep and security needs of her children are provided. There is no limit as to how a great mother can parent her children. From the rising of the morning sun till the settling of the same, a mother will do anything in her ability to ensure the well-being of her children.

v Trainers/Teachers/Mentors

Based on this role, I call great mothers teachers or trainers for life. Such a mother delivers, nurtures and teaches her children and sometimes, if grace permits, her grandchildren their first words. She may get angry but it does not last for long before she calls her children, hugs them and smiles with them as if nothing happened. Indeed, mothers are real jewels that God gave to mankind and no wonder God was left with no option than to create women and give them this special and vital role of motherhood.

v Great Companions

A true mother sticks to her children, nurtures, teaches, advises and believes in her children like no one does even when others give up on them. If only time and chance will permit, a mother will ensure she will be available as much as possible for her children.

v Ardent Advisors and Counselors

A great mother will not hide her feelings or opinions about any subject or anyone. She will tell her children just as it is. She counsels and advises her children with the best motive and in good faith to ensure her children get the best things they can attain in life

It is based on the foregoing roles and many others that we celebrate and honor all mothers today. We acknowledge the important roles you have played and still play in our lives. We love, we appreciate and we will forever hold you dearly in our hearts and cherish the contributions that you played and still performance in our lives.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to urge governments, agencies, and organizations to continue to support our mothers through programs and projects that will empower them economically and financially to enable them cater for themselves, their kids and the home. This is important because the quality of life of a mother directly impacts on her children. Happy mother’s day to all our hard-working and retired mothers, God bounteously bless and reward us all.

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