Promoting Antenatal Care

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I am entreating you to encourage and support a pregnant woman today. One of my passion is supporting and engaging in activities that promote the welfare of women and children. Through Womchild I am promoting the importance of antenatal care today.
Antenatal care refers to the health care provided to a pregnant woman during pregnancy and her baby until labor. This is very importance in many ways, with the ultimate aim of protecting and saving the lives of mothers and their babies. Some of the importance are as follows:
*To ensure that the pregnant woman and her baby are in good health
*To detect early and treat properly complications
*To educate the mother about the physiology of pregnancy, labor and also provide an opportunity to ask questions.
*Ensure continuous medical care for the mother and baby
As a pregnant woman you should always attend such visits because they are essential and can be life saving. This is why Womchild promotes the importance of antenatal care. Encourage a pregnant woman today.
WOMCHILD – Supporting maternal and children health is our priority




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